The Brands | Made in Italy
Catalano’s  40-years of history allowed to develop a highly specialised know-how, clearly visible in the over 200 sanitary products showed in Catalano's range of products.

The production philosophy of the company has always been addressed to achieve a whole-Italian quality. The productive surface houses in a single building both the corporate headquarters and the location where each product is conceived, designed and manufactured. | Made in Italy
GSI has always been one of the leader company in Italy’s ceramics industry tradition. Aiming at obtaining tangible results in terms of innovation is the focus of GSI today thanks to a renewed management team that strongly believes in the new development plan.

GSI ceramics continues its policy of growth building a bridge to an upcoming future that will see the company as a real protagonist. | Made in Italy
As a family and a company, Fantini has always been deeply rooted in Pella, a small but very special town on the shores of Lake D’Orta, Italy.

If we think about it, outstanding Italian products almost always come about in small towns and villages, in isolated and sheltered places, far away from the noise of the major urban concentrations;  It is as though, in order to express itself with all its power, creativity needs isolation, concentration and total dedication.

At Fantini we invent and produce with a clear and ambitious aim that we never fail to meet: invention, design and technology must proceed together, as inseparable elements of creation targeted to seek perfection | Made in Italy
The history of Fratelli Frattini begins in 1958 with the vision of brothers - Pier Luigi, Benito and Giuseppino Frattini, supported by their father Maurizio. After more than 50 years of big passion with love for the job and technical knowledge they have consistently produced high quality sanitary fittings offers, with particular care in the technical and aesthetical features, the company introduced during the years important technical and design innovations.

The commitment to provide Quality and evolution of their designs and give what a real Made in Italy product is made of. Always renovating with the aim to search new materials, new shapes, offering to the market reliable, long lasting and strong products. With the Fratelli Frattini sanitary mixers, functionality and creativity match and create different and original effects to answer with the best performance solution to the furnishing needs. | Made in Holland

Jee-O is founded by concept and product designer Lammert Moerman. He envisions the world to experience the ultimate JEE-O feeling and get acquainted with the experience of showering and bathing in endless atmospheres. JEE-O transpires tranquility, peacefulness and space for the body and mind always within the atmosphere of functional luxury.

JEE-O is refreshing and ambitious, exclusive and extroverted, tough and bold. All product lines are characterized by its robust and powerful design, always distinctive in simplicity. A look that speaks for itself, JEE-O represents a personal, conscious choice within the modern interpretation of spare time. Responding to an increasingly need for self-development, and more than distinctive in design.

Pure aesthetic enjoyment … JEE-O wants you to love life. | Made in Holland
Founded in 1885, Geesa has been active in the field of bathroom accessories for over 125 years. We love design, the combination of a magnificent design and its functional application. It is our job to pay 100% attention to bathroom and lavatory details. It is our core activity, as well as our passion.

We have achieved this position by consistently targeting quality.


OML - founded in 1980 - designs and manufactures bath furnishing accessories. It stands out for its absolute product and service quality. OML is certified since 1997 to UNI EN ISO 9001 - 2008, thus giving its customers a further guarantee of an excellent internal organisation.

The catalogue currently includes 20 product lines and more than 7500 items, which are manufactured using the best available materials, such as chrome plated brass, stainless steel, anodised aluminium, blown glass, moulded glass, ceramic, polycarbonate and polyester resin.

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