Installation Guide

Nood Co. Installation Guide
    1. The bottom of the sink must be completely dry buring installation. Please check before installation.
    2. The benchtop must be completely dry during installation. Please check before installation.
    3. 3. You must apply ample silicon into the waste hole and not damage the sealer when inserting the waste.
    4. You must silicon the edge of the sink to the benchtop.
    5. All silicon must be completely dry before water testing.
    6. The water bubble we can see in the image is caused by water trapped underneath the sink during installation. Nood Co. does notwarrant this kind of damage


All Nood Co sinks are sealed and water tested prior to leaving the factory.  Water trapped beneath the sink during install will cause these dark patches in as quick as 24-48 hours. Beyond this stage the sealer will bubble off and the sink will fail. 


- It is critical that the benchtop and sink bottom are completely dry during install.
- When inserting the waste, be sure not to make contact with the concrete. If the sealer is scratched or chipped the sink will leak water, water will pentrate the concrete, and it will darken and bubble. See image to the right. If the waste rubs against the concrete it is too big and must be changed.
- The waste must be siliconed in heavily, left to dry for a minimum 24 hours, before water testing. Please see install instructions provided.
- The edge, around the outside of the sink, where the sink and benchtop meet must be thoroughly silconed and left to dry for a  minimum of 24 hours. 
- The waste must be hand tight only. 

Nood Co Concrete installed properly will last a long time, however these sinks require a little bit of extra care. They are not cermamic. It is important to wash these sinks with warm soapy water only and a soft micro fibre cloth. Avoid abrasive products, protect the sealer.

It is the responsibility of the sink owner to instruct the plumber chosen to install the Nood Co sink to follow the exact install instructions.

Nood Co does not warrant :
- Any water damage, delamination of sealer, dark patching, bubbling of sealer.
- Water damage caused by scratching, chipping, removal of sealer through use or install.
- Failure of sinks due to poor installation methods, poor silicon application,  incorrect waste install methods, incorrect waste install.
- Damage caused by the use of abrasive cleaning products.
- Nood Co does not involve itself in the responsiblity of install. We merely supply the sink, install info, warranty info.

JEE-O Bathtub Installation Guide

    1. Make sure the floor is level and clean.
    2. Place the bathtub where it should be installed and mark the area on the floor.
    3. Remove the bathtub from the area and place necessary piping for the waste into the floor.
    4. Place the bathtub back into position and tilt onto its side. Make sure that you use a clean padded material underneath to prevent damage.
    5. Do the waste connection using flexi-pipe or extendible connector.
    6. Make sure the bottom edge of the bathtub is clean. Then apply SANSTIK to the edge of the bathtub as per instructions (
    7. Make sure all fittings are in place and sealed properly.
    8. Ensure the floor is clean and place bathtub in desired position. Press hard for 1 minute and remove excess around the edge. Full cure is attained after 24 hours.
    9. Fill bathtub to make sure that there are no leaks.


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